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Sabadell Factoring

Convert Accounts Receivable into Cash with SabadellFactoring  Inquire Now

At Sabadell United Bank we understand that businesses require a steady flow of working capital to purchase inventory and supplies, meet payroll, and manage day-to-day expenses. Factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is a form of working capital financing for businesses selling goods and services to other businesses on credit. A business that factors its invoices has quick access to cash and enjoys the benefits of outsourcing the management of its account receivables.

How does SabadellFactoring work?

SabadellFactoring clients assign the collection rights of all or part of their accounts receivable to Sabadell United Bank. The bank immediately advances 80%-90% of the value – paying the remainder, less interest and fees, upon full payment. Sabadell United becomes the owner of the accounts receivable and takes charge of their collection. To learn more about our factoring solutions, call us or click inquire now.

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